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VA Medical Center, Martinez, California


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David L. Woods,

Research personnel
E. William Yund, Ph.D. email:
Xiaojian Kang, Ph.D. email:
Timothy J. Herron email:
Marc Ettlinger, Ph.D. email:
Tanya Arbogast, Ph.D. email:

Lab Associates
Shouyu Zhang email:
Joshua Downer email:
Kerry A. Hubel, Ph.D. email:
Anthony D. Cate, Ph.D. email:
And U. Turken, Ph.D. email:
Robert Hink, Ph.D. email:
Zoe Doss email:
Mark M. Kishiyama, Ph.D. email:
Teemu Rinne, Ph.D. email:
Chris Stecker, Ph.D. email:
Chris Petkov, Ph.D. email:
Scott Murray, Ph.D. email:
Olivier Bertrand, Ph.D. email:
Kimmo Alho, Ph.D. email:

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Effects of Aging and Hearing Loss on Human Auditory Cortex, VA Merit, April, 2012 - March, 2016 PI David L. Woods

Quantitative Automatic Lesion Detection of TBI (renewal pending), VA-R&D, October, 2009 - September, 2012 PI David L. Woods

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CLEAVE downloads.

  • Data analysis utility which computes standard Analysis of Variance F-tests for large data sets and does so rather quickly. But it also computes more than just 'F' and 'p'.

    VAMCA downloads.

  • Meta-analysis utility for 3D brain imaging coordinates (MNI, Talairach) that helps you visualize activations on the cortical surface and performs significance tests on locations of groups of coordinates.

    ZSCORES downloads.

  • UNIX-style, command-line converter of data into statistically normalized data.